Whack Your Ex 2

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About Whack Your Ex 2

Whack Your Ex 2 is the follow-up to the funny point-and-click fighting game Whack Your Ex, which was about a couple who had had enough of each other. Grab the nearest thing and throw it as hard as you can at his or her face to solve the problem.

How to play Whack Your Ex 2

Is your girlfriend constantly posting selfies and comments on social media? Is your stupid boyfriend constantly playing stupid phone games? You can solve the problem by grabbing the nearest object and hurling it at his or her face as hard as you can.

You have recently ended an antagonistic relationship and are experiencing trauma. The game will assist you in releasing your good mood. This game contains some violence; in it, you can use a variety of brutal methods to beat your ex or ex-girlfriend. Use the items available at the bottom as a weapon while waiting for the next series of events to occur and laughing.

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