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About To The Core

To The Core is a game where you take resources from planets in the solar system and use them. to get better things. You have to run, jump, and dash your way through levels that are full of dangers and obstacles.

How to play

Embark on an interplanetary journey, selecting from a multitude of planets to explore and extract valuable resources, all while being mindful of your fuel consumption to maximize drilling efficiency. Navigate the expansive solar system in search of planets with varying resource deposits, each more challenging than the last, necessitating upgrades to conquer them.

Visit these celestial bodies and accumulate as many resources as possible within the fuel constraints. Utilize these resources to bolster your drill's durability, fuel capacity, damage output, and even implement unique and whimsical upgrades.

In this game, collected items undergo an automatic mastery system. The more you mine a particular resource, the greater the buffs it bestows, exemplified by a 5% increased drop rate for mining 100 units of iron.



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