Pumpkin Panic

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About Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic is a time-based survival horror game for one player. The player takes control of Ashley and tries to keep mandrakes away from a pumpkin patch. There are pumpkins, ghosts, and scary landscapes in the world that the game takes players to.

How to play

It's a hidden minigame in WarioWare Gold that you can find in the Toy Room. Ashley has magic that can turn mandrakes into pumpkins. She can then kick pumpkins around to kill more mandrakes. Ashley fills up a meter in the upper right corner for every pumpkin she kicks. If the meter is full, Ashley can do some magic that turns all the mandrakes on the screen into pumpkins.

After several rounds of smaller mandrakes are defeated, a much bigger one shows up. Ashley can't directly attack it; instead, she has to kick pumpkins at it or use her special move. If Ashley beats a big mandrake, a new picture will show up in the gallery for the minigame. The pumpkin patch can take two hits from a mandrake before the fencing breaks. If a third mandrake gets to the patch, the game is over.

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