Pool Buddy 3

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About Pool Buddy 3

Pool Buddy 3 is a fun based puzzle game with nice water physics. Your task is to control the blocks to lead water into the pool for Buddy. This is a 2D puzzle game with 20 levels.

How to play

Summer is coming, and it's really hot right now. The guy wears a hat so he can feel what it's like to sit in the water. So, we're putting together a small pool, but we don't have any water.

For that, you have to take out the pins in the right order. The player must also get rid of all the bombs and melt the ice with water. At the end, don't let the ice water fall on the friend's head. Instead, let it fall into the pool next to him. 

At the top of the screen is water, but there are some obstacles that make things hard. To get the water into the pool, you have to pull a pin. 

Control: Mouse or tap to play.


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