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About Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown is an online Pokémon battle simulator where players can engage in thrilling battles. It offers two options: randomly generated teams or custom-built teams.


How to play

In the random team mode, players receive a team of Pokémon chosen at random, testing their ability to strategize on the fly. The custom team mode allows players to create their own dream team, selecting specific Pokémon, moves, abilities, and items. With a diverse range of Pokémon species, moves, and items, battles are dynamic and varied. Players can challenge friends or participate in ranked battles to improve their rankings. With its accessible gameplay and online community, Pokemon Showdown provides a platform for Pokémon enthusiasts to hone their battle skills, learn about different Pokémon, and explore various team-building strategies. Join the excitement and become a master trainer in this immersive online battle simulator.

The online nature of Pokemon Showdown fosters a competitive community where players can challenge friends or engage in ranked battles to climb the ladder and improve their rankings. The game also features chat functionality, allowing players to interact and discuss battle strategies with fellow trainers.


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