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Paper io is an engaging and addictive multiplayer .io game that puts your strategy and territorial skills to the test. Capture as much territory as possible and paint the map in your own color. But beware, as other players are also vying for dominance and will try to claim your space.

How to play

Playing is easy and intuitive. You control your character using your mouse, maneuvering around the map to cover it with your color. By gliding over white spaces and areas painted by other players, you create a connection back to your own color, thereby expanding your territory.

However, venturing outside of your established territory comes with risks. Your tail, representing your vulnerable exposed area, becomes a target for other players. They can crash into your tail and eliminate you from the game, forcing you to start over.

The thrill of Paper io lies in the constant battle for territory. You'll find yourself engaged in strategic maneuvers, trying to reclaim your own territory while simultaneously encroaching on others'. It's a game that requires both offensive and defensive tactics, as you aim to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents.

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