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About Only Up

Only Up! is a adventure platform-climbing game that features a boy as he jumps on various surfaces to reach higher places and  exploring a huge world full of secrets and mysteries.

How to play

This immersive game follows the journey of Jack, a young boy on a literal skyward! Your task is guide Jack as he strives to reach the heavens, all the while soaking in the awe-inspiring views.

Jack commences his odyssey, leaping onto higher platforms in this surrealistic venture, soon discovering that his mission is far from over. Though stumbling and plummeting are part of the experience, fear not, for Jack will need to catch up with his progress!

Jack's exploration commences with him on terra firma, surrounded by structures within an antiquated, weathered neighborhood. Upon gazing skyward, he spots enigmatic objects resembling pipelines, igniting his curiosity. Embarking on this journey, he leaps onto ascending surfaces, only to realize that his quest has just begun. Despite the occasional stumble and fall, Jack miraculously remains unharmed, even after plunging from astounding heights. Your guidance is crucial as you lead him through this vertical maze, discovering what awaits at its summit!

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