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About My Mini City

My Mini City is an addictive 3D city-building game that lets you take on the role of a mayor and build your own settlement from scratch.

How to play

As the mayor of your own city, your goal is to create a thriving metropolis that provides for the needs of its inhabitants. You'll start off with a small village and slowly expand it by building hospitals, schools, banks, and other infrastructure. The more buildings you construct, the more residents will move in, and the bigger your city will grow.

To build your city, you'll need workers. You can hire workers to help speed up the construction process and get your buildings up and running faster. As your city grows, you'll need to hire more workers to keep up with demand.

In My Mini City, your main goal is to keep your residents happy. This can be achieved by building parks, sports facilities, and other recreational areas that provide entertainment and relaxation for your citizens. You'll also need to ensure that your city has a good economy, with plenty of jobs and a strong financial system.

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