Kick The Huggie Wuggie

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About Kick The Huggie Wuggie

Kick The Huggie Wuggie is an action game that is often classified as a clicker or battle game. You can choose to turn off the blood option to make the game less violent. Your goal is to destroy the bloodthirsty puppet and save innocent people.

How to play

Get ready to kick the Huggie Wuggie toy to oblivion! Use your mouse or finger controls on mobile devices to hit and drag the toy around the room, causing damage to its body and earning points in return. Aim for multiple combos in a row to score higher.

Coins will also drop out of the stuffed toy, which you should use to purchase guns, saws, and other weapons and tools. As the game progresses and Huggie becomes harder to beat, you will need these items to deal as much damage as possible. Good luck and enjoy the game

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