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About Kick The Dahmer

Kick the Dahmer is a ragdoll game where you can take out your anger on Jeffrey Dahmer, a horrible serial killer. You can punch him, throw him around the jail cell, or buy weapons to use against him.

How to play Kick the Dahmer

In this murderous game, you can get even with the Milwaukee murderer. He is locked up in a dark prison cell, where you can attack him with a variety of weapons that you can get by doing things like finding keys.

Tap him to punch him, or drag and flick him to throw the killer head-first into the walls. After the first level, you can get a metal bar to hit him with. If you collect coins, you can also get swords and guns.


  • LEFT CLICK and DRAG to throw him
  • Move the cursor away from the Dahmer to USE A WEAPON


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