Kick The Buddy: Forever

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About Kick The Buddy: Forever

Kick the Buddy: Forever Mod is a 3D action game that follows its predecessor. Your task is to use different weapons to defeat Buddy.

How to play

Having to do with the dummy Buddy, a person who can take a lot of damage. With funny, interesting phrases every time you do something wrong. You have to figure out how to kill Buddy. Through the different kinds of weapons. With many different weapons that fall into 4 main groups. Use them to give him the most interesting death possible. The game is made so that people can have fun playing it. At the same time, you can feel at ease and relieve stress anywhere, at any time.

Your goal in this situation is to use every weapon you have. Attack him with the intention of winning. through the playback of the task progress bar. To make the progress bar as long as possible, you must keep attacking.



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