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About Kick The Buddy 3D

Kick The Buddy 3D is a 3D version of the classic Kick The Buddy game that features better visuals and gaming experience.

How to play Kick The Buddy 3D

If you are looking for a better gaming experience with Buddy, then this version will give you what you're always looking for. The game works as the original version. You can reduce stress by punching or kicking Buddy the doll. The game control is simple, you just need to use your left mouse button or tap on the buddy to perform an action.

In this game, you can use different weapons and objects to beat it ranging from guns, and machinery, to tools. Or you can just kick, punch, or hit. You can earn coins when a match ends and the doll is knocked out. With the coins, you can buy weapons or accessories to change the look of the doll.

It's a fantastic game to alleviate your stress!

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