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About Kick The Buddy

Kick The Buddy is an interactive action game where you can beat the ragdoll to reduce your stress and forget about your anger. You have a wide range of weapons like rockets, rifles, grenades, and many more to defeat it.

What is Kick The Buddy

If you're looking for a game that can help you forget about your anger and alleviate stress, then Kick The Buddy is the best option. In this game, you can beat the Buddy with your punch, kick, hit, or use different weapons like rifles, rockets, grenades, and many more. It's more than just a game, it's a great way to relieve stress!

The game features a titular character called Buddy. It's a brown doll that wears a blue shirt with a white star. Its head, arms, and legs are attached via ropes that can stretch infinitely. Its face and reactions also change depending on how you treat him.

How to play Kick The Buddy

The game rules are simple. You just need to tap on The Buddy to punch it or use different weapons to beat it. Once it runs out of energy, you win the game and receive coins as a reward. With your earned coins, you can unlock and buy different weapons. These are the perfect tools to defeat Buddy.

However, each weapon costs a different amount of coins and has a different power. So think strategically before you spend your coins.

As you progress further in the game, you can unlock various achievements and get rewards.

The game is so simple and you don't have to be an experienced player.

Game Features:

  • Stress-free gameplay
  • Colorful graphics
  • Numerous weapons
  • Buddy own voice
  • Cool achievements
  • Physics model

Game Tips and Strategy

Even though it's an entertaining game with simple game mechanics. There are still some tips that you need to know if you want to dominate the game.

1. Keep Tapping

In this game, you have to perform different actions like punching, and kicking until Buddy is knocked out. And the more action you perform, the more coins you can earn. So make sure that you never stop tapping to receive a high amount of coins and buy more weapons.

2. Try Different Weapons

If you find that a certain weapon won't give you as many bucks as you think at the end of the match, you can try switching to another one. You will only earn bucks when Buddy is KO. So pay attention to the number of coins you get and choose weapons carefully.

3. F1 Grenades

If you throw F1 Grenades and hit Buddy by the blast, you can earn four bucks at once. It is already unlocked as you start the game!

4. Log in daily

Make sure you log in at least once a day. Every day you will receive rewards for your log-in. And if you log in for 15 days consecutively, you will get at least 5,00 coins. Moreover, you can also get different weapons as rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kick The Buddy free?

Yes, Kick The Buddy is available to play for free.

Is Kick the Buddy online on PC?

Kick the Buddy is a free action game that you can play on both PC and Mobile devices.

Who is the voice of Kick the Buddy?

Buddy is voiced by Ray Chase.

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