About is an exhilarating online physics io game. Compete against up to eight players in a battle of wit and strategy. The objective is simple yet challenging: eliminate your opponents by either pushing them into deadly objects or knocking them off the map. The last person standing will claim victory and bragging rights.

How to play Bonk io

Playing is easy to grasp. Utilize the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate your character, while the X key allows you to make your circle harder to push, giving you an advantage against your adversaries. Employ strategic jumps to bash enemies and manipulate the environment by holding the X key to gain weight and move platforms or objects. Each level presents a unique challenge that demands quick thinking and keen observation.

One of the standout features of is its customization options. Personalize your character (circle) to your heart's content and engage in thrilling battles on a plethora of player-customized maps. If you crave even more creativity, you can dive into the level editor and craft your own maps, adding your own twist to the gameplay.

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